What to Text a Guy After a Hookup

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What to Text a Guy After a Hookup

When you have hooked up with a guy, chances are you both have known each other for a while. If it was purely a one-time, it would be best if you just tell him that he was really impressive. But if it was your first and you both wish to take your relationship to a serious level, you should text him these 3 one-liners:

  • I am all exhausted. All because of you. Maybe I don’t need to exercise anymore;)
  • I wish last night would never have ended.
  • Maybe we should meet more often;)

How to Talk to a Guy After a Hookup

Talking to a guy can be a real tough affair after the hookup. The thing is, men and women, take sex differently. For men, it is purely physical pleasure. For women, it hits even at platonic levels. You might not have realized, but the way a man holds his woman during sex sends different signals to her. So, how do you talk to a guy? Here are 3 ways in which you do that:

  • Telling him how you feel: Tell him how you felt about the sex. It will make him feel appreciated and will ignite the lust further.
  • Your wishes: If you feel you both connected at a different level, maybe you should let him know it. Even if you felt that the sex was great and should happen more often, you should let him know.
  • No calls, please: It is not essential that the guy also thinks it is the next step to a relationship. He might be taking it just as a hookup. So, when you call, it simply overwhelms him. More so, you both may get carried away and end up in a commitment that none of you wished.

Should You Text a Guy After a Hookup

Women always wonder f they should be the one to text the guy first. It depends on whom you just slept with. If he was a random guy with whom you simply had a one-time fling, it is better not to text. After all, you both were in it just for lustful pleasures. And, texting makes things a little serious. Also, he may not wish to be contacted by you. He might be a husband having an extra-marital fling or might be someone who wished to stray out of his bubble.

But if you both have been in a relationship, you can always tell the guy how you enjoyed the night. So, what do you tell him? Here are some examples to get his testosterone levels to the levels of last night:

  • I still reminiscence your touches. Wish we could have more of them.
  • Last night was a little hectic. Let us meet another day to get the things pumped up again.
  • Are you free this weekend? Why don’t we meet at my place? ;)

Waiting for a Text After Hookup

Hookups and their after-effects can be overwhelming. You might still be tingling from his touches and hickeys. How much you wish to hear that husky voice again! But then, hookups have their own unwritten rule. You need to wait for the guy to text you first. If he wishes to take things to the next level, he will ping you as soon as he gets free. But what if he does not text back? You always need to understand 3 things before hooking up:

  • It might be just sex: You might have this sex as your serious step in the relationship, but it could just be sex for him. Nothing more. He might be going to sleep with another woman tonight! So, always differentiate between this attitude of men.
  • Move on: If he does not ext you back, take it as a one-time affair and move on. Just because you liked having sex with someone does not mean that you spend your life with him. It was a non-serious affair, and the sooner you move on, the better position you are in.
  • Stop over-thinking; The first thing that you should do is stop over0thinking. It will o ky create too many impossible scenarios, and you will only stress yourself out. Take it just like sex and nothing more. It will calm down your emotions ad mental peace.

Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup

Are you wondering what to text a guy after the hookup? You must go by these 3 tips that even pros swear by:

  • The appreciation: Who doesn’t love to be appreciated, especially when it is the matter of bed?;) tell him how much you enjoyed his touches, kisses, and of course, sex.
  • An open approach: Keep your approach open. Tell him that you are not imposing this sex to be a step in the relationship. This will keep things in control. Otherwise, you may appear to be bossy, and he may drift away.
  • You want him more: A guy can’t appreciate anything more than the thing that the girl he slept with wants him more. But don’t be pesky with your texts. You may instead appear to be desperate.

When to Text a Guy Back

So, you just slept with a handsome hunk you met on hookupsfinder.com, and now you are wondering when to text him back. Different people go by different rules. Some say to text him as seen as he leaves, while some say to wait for 3-4 days. But, it depends solely on you and your bond. You need to understand the vibes. If you felt that he wishes to meet you more often, you should text him back immediately. Otherwise, you may seem pesky.

What to Text a Guy After a Long Time

Here are some amazing text samples:

  • Hey! It has been a long while we both had a steamy session. Let us catch up sometime.
  • Are you free this weekend? I will be all alone!
  • Hey, sexy! When do I get to see you again?