What Does NSA Stand for in Dating?

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how to find a nsa relationship

As the name suggests, NSA simply means no strings attached. You get into a purely for-benefits relationship where you don’t commit. This type of relationship requires emotional maturity. You need to understand that the relationship is purely for carnal pleasures and must not develop feelings. Otherwise, yours, too, will be a case of unrequited love.

No Strings-Attached Relationship Rules

When you get into an NSA relationship, always abide by these unsaid rules:

  • As the name says, it is no strings attached relationship. This means that the man you are sleeping with will not pay attention to how bad your day went or how you would like to meet him again. The term clearly says, no strings attached, and know its seriousness before getting into one.
  • You must know that the man you are sleeping with is not interested in you. He will stay till the morning even if it is your birthday or you are ill.
  • Always cut short the relationship when you realize that you have begun to develop feelings. It is extremely awkward to be ina one-sided physical relationship.
  • Always use condoms. You never know with whom your partner slept before coming to you.
  • Always set boundaries. Don’t divulge too many details about yourself. Also, don’t pester him after the sex. The best way to have such a relationship is to have sex and simply head home. It will save you both the awkwardness of after-sex.

What is a Nsa Relationship

People often wonder what an NSA relationship is. Many even confuse it with friends with benefits. But both are completely different. When you are friends with benefits, you know each other. You care about each other’s needs, albeit as friends. But when you are in an NSA relationship, you both cannot indulge in any emotional or romantic feelings. When you are in an NSA relationship, know that your partner:

  • Will not wait for you to wake up before leaving
  • Will not care for your needs. So you have to be pretty vocal about it.
  • Will not have any emotional feelings for you.
  • May not like you as a person.
  • Likes your body and not you.

Nsa Type Relationship

NSA relationship can be tricky as well as pretty clear. Before you get into one, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready for this type of relationship?When you get into an NSA relationship, you need to understand that you will not go on formal dinner dates or spend cozy nights with him. You both will meet and have sex straight-forward. It may seem exciting and adventurous initially but may get dull and even emotionally exhausting afterward.
  • Can you strictly set boundaries?Just because you are in an NSA does not mean you say yes to everything. You have every right to say no. If you feel he is trying to harm you or are not in the mood, you can always say no. Never have sex at the cost of your emotional and physical well-being.

What is NSA Arrangement

So what exactly is NSA arrangement? Learn all about it here:

  • It is all about fun: With no strings attached, you need not worry about his/her feelings. You can have fun, have crazy outings, and try all the kinks and fetishes.
  • Being selfish: Because you both don’t need to bond emotionally, you have to be selfish. You need to let him know how you wish to be touched. Do you want to try a certain position? Tell him that! Are you bored with a missionary? Ask him to switch. After all, pleasure is meant for both. Right?
  • Clear boundaries: Being in an NSA relationship means you both have demarcated the boundaries. You don’t pester each other with texts and calls. You don’t act like lovers, and clearly, you don’t accuse him of infidelity.
  • You are open to relationships: Just because you are in an NSA arrangement does not mean that you don’t look for true love. You can always detach from that relationship and get into a committed one.

What Do No Strings Attached Mean in a Relationship

Strings always denote an attachment. When you say no strings attached in a relationship, it means:

  • Commitments bound you
  • You do not need to follow physical fidelity
  • You need not care for your partner

Define Nsa Relationship

A completely lust-driven relationship where both the partners have some steamy sex and then head to their ways—no promises to keep and no commitments to not get into a relationship with someone else.

What Does Nsa Stand for in Dating

When you are dating and are in an NSA, it means that you are purely in that set-up for carnal pleasures. While it could be exciting if you develop feelings, it can get pretty difficult to survive that. It gets difficult to see the person you love to come to you just to satisfy his erotic needs.

Nsa Text Meaning

NO strings attached is all NSA means. NO physical, emotional, or any kind of commitments on the part of any of the partners.

Where to Find a Nsa Relationship

You can always find NSA relationship in these 3 hotspots:

  • Dating sites: Sites like hookupsfinder.com are gold mines for NSA relationships.
  • Professional meets: Here, people meet for professional needs. But if you hit the right chords, you can meet your perfect NSA buddy. You two can meet at random professional meets and then head to your homes as nothing happened.
  • Vacations: If you are a travel freak, you can always find your NSA partner I random camping groups and travel groups.q22