How to Have a One Night Stand with a Guy

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one night stand rules

Is it that tough to have just one romantic fling with a guy? It depends solely on how you approach it. This guide aims to make things smoother for you: no more wild guesses or immature approach to your prospective partner. A crisp set of rules, and you can be sure of getting laid this time. Let us see how you take these steps.

What Does One-Night Stand Mean

Well, the way movies have popularised it, you may perceive it to be super erotic yet super easy. While it does have its share of adventures, it also comes with its own set of rules. Going by the definition, it means having a sexual encounter just for one night. No strings attached and no commitments. Both partners know for sure that this fling is going to last just for one night. After that, both will be headed to their ways. And, this relationship does not necessarily involve strangers.

One Night Stand Advice

Is this right for me? Am I mature enough to let go of the man I just slept with? Is one night stand safe? If all such questions keep you awake, then you are at the right site. Here, we will try to calm your nerves down. If you are pondering about one-night stands, then these 5 points are a must-to consider:

  • Why do you need it? If you wish to have a one-night stand to get a long-term partner, you have too high expectations. Most people don’t even wish to meet after that one erotic night. It will be better if you try dating apps for that.
  • What should be your approach? The whole affair is going to be fast-paced yet short-lived. So, be sure to act smart. Be flirtatious, spend enough time to excite your partner, and be sure to share your fantasies. The most couple indulged in one-stand stand do their best to make the experience wild and racy. Enjoy all the kinks that you fantasize about. After all, it will last for just one night, so why not be in your wildest best! ;)
  • How do I behave the next day? Erm! Yes, it can be awkward to wake up naked next to a total stranger with whom you consciously know that you had a one-night stand. But try not to freak out. Be courteous, exchange your numbers if you both feel that you can continue this arrangement, and say goodbye. Never jump to conclusions like you both are meant for each other.

How to Have a One Night Stand with a Man

A one-night stand is an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. You have it once and enjoy the experience for many days to come. But to have that perfect sexual encounter, you must be sure to follow these steps:

  • Know why and what you are doing: Having a nightstand means that you are self-aware. You must know why you have it. Just because your friends have it or you had a bad breakup are very lame reasons. You will only wake up feeling guilty. Have this erotic adventure because you want to experience something new. Because you want to burst out of your bubble and meet strangers for a new encounter.
  • Prepare yourself: You should be mentally as well as emotionally prepared to have this one-time sexual encounter. And, at the top of it, be physically prepared. Get a spa, relax, put on some sexy lingerie, perfume, and get into the skin of a sexy diva!
  • Live the moment: The best part of a one-night stand is that you get to live the moment with someone who is completely outside your regular life. So, get outside your comfort zone. Have lots of foreplay, naughty talks, role plays, and any sexy games or fantasies you have. You will never get to live this moment again. So, make the best use of the bed! ;)
  • Protection, umm, is most important: Well, you will sleep with a total stranger or maybe a friend. But one thing is for sure that it will not be with your regular monogamous partner. And STDs never discriminate. Getting an unwanted pregnancy can be an issue too. So, always be prepared. Have enough condoms. Do not rely on emergency contraceptives. They may protect you from unwanted pregnancies, but not from venereal diseases.

What to Do After a One Night Stand with a Friend

Having nightstand with a stranger is easier than having it with a friend. But if you have had it, then we have got the best tips on managing the situation:

  • No awkward reactions first: You both were friends first and then decided to have a sexual encounter, always remember this. Keep the whole affair separated from your original relationship. Just because you both were friends does not mean that you need to get after sex. This clear concept will help you both keep your friendship intact. Be normal, even when you meet at other places.
  • No guilt, please: You slept with your friend, and that is nothing to be guilty of. Always discuss this beforehand that you have it just for fun, and you do not have any feelings for him. This way, he will always have the option of opting out. When you don’t make this clear, it may send wrong signals that you are sexually interested in him, like in love.
  • Politely say bye: Because you both know each other, you need to end the night differently. Wait for him/her to wake up and then say goodbye.

Why Do People Have One Night Stands

Here are the top 4 reasons why people have one night stands:

  • To explore new horizons: Sex is complicated. You might not be able to have all your fantasies with your husband/wife. And, one night stands to fill this gap.
  • The charm of the unknown: Sleeping with a stranger comes with its share of perks. You can only guess the moves or positions. And this gets your hormones raging.
  • Bursting the bubble: When you are in a committed relationship, you become afraid to experiment. Many partners are not ready to try something new. This makes the relationship boring. One night stands to remove this boredom.
  • Hormones: Well, when handsome hunks surround you, it is too obvious to get weak in the knees. Most of the times, it may end in one night stands.