How To Have Perfect Sex

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how to have perfect sex

Well, the definition of perfect sex varies from person to person. For someone, it could be all work, no play, while some prefer it to be full of play. ;). What matters most is communication with your partner here. You need to tell him/her about your preferences, expectations, and also fantasies. Sex is a two-way act. Never, ever expect your partner to read your mind. You want him/her to touch you in a particular way? Say it! That way, it turns out to be perfect for both of you.

Casual Encounter Meaning

A casual encounter simply means that both of you are in for the moment. There are no strings attached. No promises to keep the relationship alive or meeting next weekend. Just the rush of adrenaline and the next morning, you both are back to your worlds, oblivious to each other. And you both may meet back again if you feel comfortable, but that is never the promise. It is just as casual as meeting a stranger in the subway.

How to Find Casual Sex

There are 2 ways to find casual sex. You can delve deep into the virtual online world and find your perfect partner or use the real world to meet someone interesting. Let us see how you can do that.

  • Finding a partner for casual sex online: There are numerous sites like, focusing primarily on connecting people looking for casual sex. Here, you have the advantage of a large user base and genuine profiles. Simply create your profile and put the search mode on.
  • Using social networking sites: Fb, Instagram, etc., have numerous pages and groups dedicated to casual sex. If you follow them, chances are, you end up finding your perfect partner.
  • Using the real-world scenario: You can get in touch with your casual sex partner in bars, pubs, dance clubs, beaches, and even vacations.

How to Have a Casual Relationship

Do you wish to have a casual relationship? Simply follow these steps:

  • Accept that it is going to be brief. So, don’t expect or give hope.
  • Find the person who exactly matches your fantasies. It is going to be brief, so let it be perfect.
  • End your relationship on good notes.
  • Never try to manipulate or blackmail your partner. It is an unsaid law of having a casual relationship.

How to Have Perfect Sex

Just have a read at this guide to perfect sex:

  • Find your love: Of course, the first step is always finding the perfect partner. You can find him/her in your local coffee shop, bar, pub, or use online sites like Either way, you need to make sure that you both share the same frequencies.
  • The right mood: Just because it is called casual sex, you need not have a casual approach. Most people admit that they need to put in more effort when meeting a one-time partner. Talk your heart out. Choose the right location. It could be your comfortable home or a nice hotel room.
  • Preparedness: The first rule of casual sex is proper protection. Use a condom. Never think that emergency contraceptives are going to protect you from STDs. Buy enough condoms so that you can go for as many rounds as you want. Also, have enough lube and sex toys if you both are going to have kinky sex. After all, you are indulging in the act for pleasure. Right?
  • Foreplay and lots of it: Start with flirting; tell him/her how much they attract you. The benefit of having lots of foreplay is that you get to connect on an emotional level. It removes inhibitions and brings you both closer. Kiss and touch erotically. You can have oral sex before having penetrative sex. It raises the hormones.
  • The act: There is no rule for how long you need the foreplay for the right moment to penetrate. You have to go by your instincts. If you rush in, you may look desperate. The best way is to let your partner drop a hint or ask him/her. Be gentle and use lots of lube if you are going for anal sex. Never rush to finish the act. It kills the enjoyment.
  • Climax and afterward: Once you climax, you should let the feeling sink in. you can just lay together or cuddle. When you get up and dress instantly, it sends a vibe that you used the partner just for sex. Ensure that you both wash your genitals. Discard condoms wrapped in paper in a dustbin. Never flush it.

Where to Find Casual Sex

Are you wondering if you

  • Bars: People head to bars to unwind from their regular life. Alcohol and open socializing allow you to hit the bed with an interesting person. Just be prepared for the adventures that may follow! ;)
  • Pubs: Music, lighting, alcohol, and people are a deadly combo. You let yourself loosen in between people who are completely unknown to you. And more often than not, catch someone’s fancy. Even if you are there with your partner, you are bound to get sexually charged. Most of these outings end up in casual sex. So, always be mentally prepared before heading to these spots.
  • Vacation: Soaked in the joy of being away from your regular hustle-bustle and in between strangers, you can experiment here. Hook up with a local or a tourist like you and always expect something spicy when out on vacation. You could end up meeting a single or married man/woman looking for some enjoyment outside the marriage.

Casual Relationships Rules

Nothing in this world is without its own set of rules. The same goes for causal relationships. Here are 5 never-spoken but always-followed rules of casual relationship:

  • Know that it is not meant to last forever. You are in a casual relationship. So, no expectations and no jealousy.
  • Always respect your partner. You both got into this willingly. Just because you want it to last long does not mean he/she too wants the same.
  • Never cross the line. Never spy or stalk your partner.
  • Don’t be manipulative. Don’t force yourself upon your partner or make them feel guilty.
  • Always accept the fact that you are not someone special. So, you shouldn't be jealous of seeing them with someone else, and you too should continue seeing others.