How to Turn a Girl on Over Text: A-B-C of Chatting with Sexy Girls

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how to turn a girl on over text

Sexually enticing a girl over text is an art, and it needs some courage, wit, humor, and an open mind. If you judge a girl for being open, you better not indulge in sexting. So, how do you turn a girl on over text? Read on to know what this topic holds in itself.

How to Turn a Girl on Over Text

It can be tough as well as easy to turn a girl on over text. All you need to do is follow these easy 4 tips:

  • Be creative and not creepy: Girls get in touch with lots of creeps. So if you are trying to sext her, the first rule is always being creative with your lines. Think like a girl. Here is an example:
    • I want to have sex with you.
    • I wish we could remain awake together.
    • Which one seems better to you? The first one sounds like a creep. So, always have sophisticated words when sexting.
  • Have long and dirty talks: Once she opens up with you, the best game you could play is to imagine a situation do share all the dirty thoughts. Tell her how you want to slide your hands under her shirt, how you want to unbutton her jeans, and how you want to explore her back. Have a game of bondages and kinks. It will excite her to the point that she may end up knocking on your door next night. ;)
  • Truth or dare: This age-old game never ceases to surprise us. Play a naughty truth or dare with her. The truth could be her favorite position, and dare could be nude. Who knows where this game might end!
  • The kinks and fantasies: What can be a better way to excite her than talking about her fantasies and kinks sexually. It could be BDSM, anal, threesome, or even rough sex. Anything that gets her horny will do!

How to Ask a Girl to Have Sex

When you have already sexted with her, it is almost certain that you should ask her to finally sleep with you on the bed and not in the text box. And since you both have shared all your deepest desires, this one is going to be the hottest sex that you both ever had. But how do you ask her? May be with these 3 easy ideas, you can be sure of a “yes” from her:

  • Go out on a date: Ask her out and talk naughtily on dinner. Et her know that you wish to spend the most erotic night of your life with her.
  • Ask if you can live the chats: Isn’t sex what you both have talked about all these days? So, ask her straight-forward if she would love to get touched the way she likes, or would she like to try what you both talked about last night?
  • Take her to your place: Ask her to come to your place and have a romantic set-up. This will send a clear signal. But always have her consent before you take your relationship to the next level.

How to Get a Girl to Fuck You

Are you wondering how to make a girl fuck you? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round? Well, try a girl to fuck you, and you won’t regret it. Here are 3 ways in which you can do that:

  • Turn on the temperature: Build up the sexual tension by telling her how you fantasize about her, how you dream of kissing her on the neck, and how you want to taste her.
  • Make her want you more with your touches: Touches can be magical. Don’t touch her on her private parts. Slide your hands on her thighs, pubis, neck, back, and make her ask you to touch her more.
  • Be hers: Well, women like to be fucked a particular way. Tell her that you would love to do what she wants and see the magic! ;)

How to Convince a Girl to Have Sex

When you are in a serious relationship, it becomes obvious that you both will have sex. But that needs a little convincing on your part. Here are 3 ways in which you can persuade her:

  • Build trust: Women have sex not only physically but also emotionally. So always establish trust and faith between yourselves.
  • Be honest: When you have sex with a girl, be frank with your outlook. Tell her if you are having it just as a one-time fling or having it for a long relationship. Don’t give false hopes.
  • Tell her that you find her sexy: This will excite her and help your relationship.

How to Make a Girl Want to Have Sex

Making a girl wish for sex with you is a cake-walk. But it does demand your devotion and expert hand(umm, fingers maybe);).

  • Be hers: Girls love all the attention that you can shower on them. Be all ears when you talk with them. It will make them realize that you adore them and feel attracted to them.
  • Fleeting touches: Small gestures can have magical effects. Fleeting touches are one of them. Brush your hands off her hands while walking, hold her hands, slide your hands on her waist or give a peck on her lips. It will make her want you more.
  • Talks, the dirtier, the better: Tell her how you want to hold her arms up while fucking, how you will run your tongue at random places, and how gentle/rough you will be during sex. Words can weave the magic that will make her ask you for some real action.