How to Find a Sex Buddy or Booty Call

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how to find a sex buddy

Every relationship is different - and what people want from relationships is different too. While some people wantlong-term relationships or marriage, other people aren’t ready for those types of commitments. Some are newly out of relationships, some are just too busy with work or school, and others aren’t ready to commit - but one thing everyone has in common is the desire to have sex.

Sex is a healthy and important part of everyone’s life, and even when you’re not in a relationship, most people still have sexual desires and urges. Sex buddies and booty calls can be a great way to enjoy sex with some familiar who might also stay around for cuddles and cozy nights in front of the television - but without the stress and commitment of a real relationship.

But how do you find one? Many sex buddies or booty calls start with a one night stand - but thanks to the internet, they are both easy to find at the touch of a button. Casual dating sites make it easy to find single men and women who want the same type of relationship as you.

How to Be Friends with Benefits

Much like sex buddies and booty calls, friends with benefits form a casual relationship without the commitment. Being friends with benefits can be fun and rewarding but also difficult; follow these friends with benefits dating tips to make the most out of your new casual relationship:

  • Step away when feelings are involved (it's difficult to sleep with someone regularly without catching feelings - but you have to be on the same page, if one of you likes the other more, one of you will end up hurt, so walk away sooner rather than later).
  • Don't use “I love you’s” and pet names (even if it starts as a joke - you’re friends with benefits, not a couple without commitment)
  • Do enjoy the sex - when you regularly sleep with someone with who you’re not in a relationship with you don’t need to worry about anything but the sex.
  • Discuss “other people” - will you be sleeping with other people? Will you tell them if you do?

If you get things, right friends with benefits can last for years or be someone you go back to between partners time and time again.

How to Find a Sex Buddy and Keep Them Coming

Thanks to the internet, sex buddies are now easy and fast time find. Casual dating websites help single men and women to meet for casual relationships and flings - all in one place. But once you’ve found someone you click with, how do you keep them coming back for more?

Being confident in the bedroom is sexy - whether you’re a man or a woman. Taking the lead, telling your partner what you want, and exploring things you’ve never done before are a great way to ensure you’re both satisfied and want to come back for more.

Sex buddies and friends with benefits are more than just a one night stand, and you’ll often get into a routine. Some FWB chooses to act like they’re in a relationship while they’re together - meals out, cuddles on the sofa, and lazy mornings in bed, for example. Others choose just to be good friends and make only the sex a priority - this is something you will need to discuss with your FWB.

What do Friends with Benefits Mean and How can I Find One?

Not ready for a relationship but missing someone to watch a film with and spend the night. Friends with benefits are the best of both worlds - a good friend with who you have the benefit of enjoying a sexual relationship when you both feel lonely. More than a booty call, friends with benefits share more than just a bed - need a plus one? A date for your favorite band? Someone to try a new restaurant with? - A friend with benefits is there for all of that with the bonus of knowing you’ll get laid at the end of the night and won’t have to call them in the morning.

How to Tell Someone you Just Want to be Friends Without Hurting Their Feelings

Sometimes the people you meet like them in a different way to how you like them, or sometimes things just don’t click the way you expected - so how do you let them down gently. With these things, they are best treated as a band-aid and done quickly - the longer you wait or drag it out, the worse it will be.

It is best and kindest to be honest and don’t need to be honest about why you feel like you do, you just need to communicate that it is “just friends” for you. While some people won’t want to continue as friends, most people will appreciate your honesty and stay in your life in some shape or form.

How to Ask Someone to be Friends with Benefits

Asking someone to be friends with benefits can feel nerve-wracking - especially if you’re already friends or don’t want to ruin a good relationship. Before asking, look out for the signs that your partner wants to sleep with you too - are they flirting, is there physical contact, have they indicated they want you?

Once you’re sure they’re interested, just be honest about what you would want from a partner if you were to date someone right now. Explain why you want friends with benefits type relationship and ask them what they want too. If they indicate FWB or sex buddies is something they would enjoy - then you can feel more confident asking if they’d like that with you.

If you’re asking online, put it on your profile, and no one who doesn’t also want a similar commitment-free relationship can skip your profile.

How to Suggest “Friends with Benefits” to a Previous Sexual Partner

Previous sexual partners can make great friends with benefits as you already know what the other likes in the bedroom. As long as you still have a good relationship, asking shouldn’t be too difficult.

Instead of asking outright, ask if they want to get together over the weekend like old times but explain you’re not looking for anything serious, you just miss their company. Most previous partners - if single - will be complimented to know you’re thinking of them and meet up so you can see where things go.

How to Bring up “Friends with Benefits” with a New Partner

Communication is key in every relationship, and being able to voice what you want and desire is an important part of getting to know any new partner. When you meet someone new but you don’t want anything more serious than a few nights a week - just be honest. When you have the conversation about “what you are” and “where it’s going,” explain you don’t want to lead anyone on and only want a casual relationship and nothing serious or long term.

Online dating helps you search for single men and women based on the type of relationship they’re looking for - eliminating the need for any awkward “I’m not ready to commit” conversations with your new partner. Signing up at takes just two minutes - why not give it a try?