My First Sexting Experience: First Time Sexting Tips for Beginners

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sexting tips for girls

Sexting is a form of sex chat that happens over text or through messenger. It sometimes but doesn’t always include the exchanging of intimate photos. Sexting often involves describing what you would do to each other sexually if you were together at that moment.

Sexting is a great way to help an ongoing relationship alive or turn on someone new before your first night together. Many people are afraid to sext for the first time - not knowing what to say or do, but it’s easy once you know-how.

Sexting is simply describing what you want to do at that moment, and it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. You don’t need to be a good writer or use complicated words - it's as simple as “I wish I were taking your jeans off right now,” and so on.

How to Initiate Sex for the First Time with Someone New

If you want to initiate sex with someone new, sexting is a great way to indicate whether they want you. Even the most innocent of conversations can turn sexual easily - if you say the right things. If a girl or guy responds and engages in sexting with you - you can be sure they’re interested in doing it in real life too.

When you’re ready to try something in real life, simply send a message along the lines of “I enjoyed the other night, want to see if I am as good in person?” and mention when you’re free. If you’re not usually confident, it’s a lot easier to ask someone you’ve already sexted over a quick message than asking someone face to face.

What is Sex Chat

Sex chat is talking about sex. It usually happens between two people but sometimes can involve “groups”. Sexting is sex over text message and happens via:

  • Online chat rooms
  • Text message
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Online dating sites
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Other messaging sites

And can happen between people in long-term relationships, new relationships, and singles looking for fun. Sexting doesn’t always lead to sex, but it's a healthy way to enjoy an active sex life even if you’re not ready to have full sex.

How to do Sex Chat and What not to Say

Sex chat and sexting rules are different for everyone, and therefore there are no clear rights and wrongs - however, there are several things you can avoid to ensure your sex chat isn’t cringed.

Sex Chat Tips:


  • Be realistic
  • Be sexy
  • Be confident
  • Be safe - remember any messages or photos you share are now in the hands of someone else)


  • Be overly descriptive
  • Use words that make people uncomfortable (“wet” is always better than “moist,” for example)
  • Be forceful (if they’re not into it, stop texting - no unsolicited dick pics!)
  • Try too hard (try to describe sex as it would be naturally - of course, spice things up, but be realistic).

Sticking to the above advice will help keep you on the right track as you learn the sexting ropes.

How Start a Sex Chat with Someone New

Starting a sex chat should happen naturally and shouldn’t be something you “ask for”. Rather than asking if someone wants to have sex off, ask them what you would be doing if you would be with them right now.

Start things slowly, and before diving straight in, flirt around the subject for a while - that way, you can be certain your partner wants to participate too. Then try to lead the conversation towards sex before naturally steering the conversation towards the two of you having sex.

Once you’ve sexted a person, you will create sexual tension between yourselves as you’re both excited to know if the reality lives up to the virtual version. If you want to seduce someone into sleeping with you, sexting is one of the best ways to make them want you.

How to Chat with Horny Girls

Finding horny girls to start sex chats with can be difficult - especially when it’s not appropriate to ask your friends and/or work colleagues. Online dating sites and chat rooms are great places to meet horny girls looking for sexting and more online.

During the pandemic, an increasing number of us are staying home to stay safe - sending more and more of us to online dating sites. Sexting is the best - and safest - way to make connections for possible relationships right now.

With bars closed or restricted, horny girls are going online to meet men. Dating sites are quick and easy to sign up for and help you to localize your search to find horny women in your area.

How to Get Laid for Free Online

If you want to get laid, don’t want to pay for it, and can’t be bothered to pick someone up - online dating is a great place to pick up men and women for casual relationships, one night stands, or friends with benefit type relationships.

Unlike traditional dating, you can search based on people’s relationship interests - for example:

  • Hook ups
  • Long-term relationships
  • One-night stands
  • Sexting and online flirting
  • Friends with benefits

Helping you to narrow down your search and help you get laid much quicker. Not everyone on dating sites are looking for something long term, and a lot of women seek a single night of passion now and then - just like men.

If you meet someone online who you want to get laid with, try sexting online first to test your compatibility.

Where to Find Real Horny Girls Online

Not all dating sites are the same - while some focus on finding long term commitments and marriages, others are dedicated to casual relationships and flings. If you’re looking online for real horny girls and women, avoid traditional dating sites and join one specializing in hookups and casual flings.

If you want to meet and speak to real horny girls online, sign up at the casual dating site is free and only takes two minutes - why not give it a try?