Spotting the Signs That an Older Woman Wants to Sleep with You

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how to ask an older woman to sleep with you

A lot of people assume that older women don’t want sex - but they’re wrong. Older women enjoy sex as much as everyone else - and for many of them, there is nothing better than a toyboy to brighten up her sex life.

Older women have had previous partners and know exactly what to do to satisfy their men. Often they seek out younger men as older men often can’t perform as well or for as long - but how do you spot the signs that an older woman wants to sleep with you?

Older women know what they want and will have no problem making it clear when they’re flirting with you - keep an eye out for increased contact (did her fingers linger on your when you pass her drink) and the telltale signs of heavy flirting.

What are The Signs an Older Woman Wants to Sleep with You?

If you’re spending time with an older woman and you think she is flirting, but you’re not sure - there are several other signs you can look out for before you make your move:

  • She asks your opinion on her appearance
  • She mentions her “housemates” or “family” aren’t going to be home that evening
  • Suggestive conversation subjects (does the conversation keep going back to sex? Is she curious about your sex life?)
  • She asks if you live alone (if her kids or housemates are home, a clear indication she wants to go back to your is her asking who else is there)

If you spot any of the above signs and you’re sure she is flirting, you’re ready to make your move and take your relationship to the next level.

Reacting to the Signs an Older Woman Wants to Sleep with You

Without pouncing on her the second you’re sure your older woman is interested, reacting to her signs will help let her know you’re interested too:

  • If she asks how she looks, don’t just tell her she looks great - let her know she looks sexy, irresistible, hot. This will let her know you see her in a sexual manner.
  • If she says she’s going to be home alone, ask her if she gets lonely or would like company.
  • If the conversation keeps coming back to sex - encourage it, ask her questions about her sex life too.
  • If she asks if you live alone - tell her it needs a woman's touch and ask her to come to help you choose a new color couch.

Once you’re sure the conversation is heading towards something sexual, continue to flirt and compliment before suggesting going somewhere quieter for “coffee”.

How to Ask an Older Woman to Sleep with You or Stay the Night

Older women are not on their first rodeo, and if they want to sleep with you or stay the night, they will usually let you know - but if they don’t, how do you ask? Older women are no different from younger women - other than they have more experience - and should be treated the same as you would treat any other woman.

There is no special way to ask, and if she’s been flirting and giving you all the right signals, there’s no reason she’ll say no because you asked “wrongly” be polite.

Asking directly for sex - for example, “do you want to go back to mine to have sex?” can be a slight turn off, but the answer will still be yes if she wants to. That said, it is always better to be more subtle when asking - for example, “do you fancy grabbing the next round to go?” - this makes you seem less desperate than directly asking and helps her to not change her mind about casual sex with a younger man.

How to Make an Older Woman Want You in the Bedroom

An older woman should be treated the same as any woman in the bedroom. Thanks to their increased experience, they will often want to take the lead and help guide you to having great sex for both of you. However, other older women still want a young man to control and throw them around the bedroom.

There is no definite way to make an older woman want you in the bedroom; however, guiding your conversion towards sex will help put the idea in her mind. Speaking about your own sexual desires or experiences helps her see you as a sexual being and help her imagine you without your clothes on and want you in the bedroom.

What do 40 Year Old Women Want in Bed and How to Please Them

There is a misconception that older women want something different in bed - but just because she’s past her 40th birthday doesn’t mean her sexual desires are any different from when she was 20. The only different thing is they’re too old to enjoy mediocre sex any more.

With age comes experience and also the realization that there is no reason to have bad sex. Older women do not want a quick roll in the sack that satisfies only one of you. Chances are she’s chosen a younger lover for his stamina and performance in the bedroom - so be your very best.

Don’t be afraid of foreplay and listen to what she wants - older women are a lot less shy about voicing what they want in bed, so take their advice and do what they ask to please them.

How to Have Sex with an Older Woman

Having sex with an older woman is the same as having sex with a younger women - only you’ll probably pick up some tips, and the sex will be mind-blowing. Older women have many tricks up their sleeves thanks to a few more years’ experience and will often guide you in the bedroom to help you be the best you can be.

Rather than relying on porn or the internet to find out what older women want, there is nothing hotter for her than you asking her what she wants - and she will have no problem telling you.

How to Satisfy an Older Woman

When you ask an older woman what she wants in the bedroom, usually she’ll tell you - so you have the perfect recipe to keep her satisfied sexually if you listen to what she wants. Use your youth to your advantage - don’t be afraid to throw her around and let her make the most of your stamina.

How to Seduce Women into Bed

Tips and advice can only help you get so far when you want to seduce women into bed - in the end, it is down to you. Most of the time, being yourself and letting your confidence shine is the best way to succeed. Read the signs and react accordingly, and if it is meant to happen, you will successfully seduce her.

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