How Popular is Swinging and How Do I Get Involved?

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how popular is swinging

Swinging is the practice of sharing or swapping sexual partners; couples will meet with other couples and engage in sexual activity in front of or with each other's partners, Swinging can happen with as few as two couples or a couple and a single person or multiple couples. Swinging parties often involve a large group of couples who attend. Some couples go to parties to watch others or be watched, while others might want to engage in sexual activity with other individuals or couples. But how popular is swinging in the USA?

There are no official studies or statistics to find the exact number of swingers in the US. Still, around 15 million people in the USA “swing” regularly. Swinging parties often -only, but with the internet, it is a lot easier to find parties to attend online - dating sites are often a great place to start.

How Common is Swinging in the US?

Outside of sexual orientation, there are few studies into the American people's private sex lives - however, it has been estimated that around 5% of 15 million Americans participate in swinging regularly - although it could be much more.

Swinging has been popular for thousands of years and has a -documented history. However, in the previous century, it became “taboo” and has a negative stigma attached - meaning a lot of people are private about swinging.

Swinging is often considered a sort of “secret society” where many of the swinging community know each other and enjoy holidays, parties, and more than just “traditional swinging” activities.

Swinging takes place all over the states, and swinging couples and swinging parties can be found in any state in the USA.

How Many Swingers are There and Where Can I Meet Them?

Whilst there is no way to know the true number of swingers in the US, thanks to the internet it is now easier than ever to meet men and women who enjoy swinging or participating in swinging parties.

Online dating sites are often a great place to meet a new couple or find out where your next local party is. The join most parties you’ll need to be invited by another couple who already know the organizers - if you can’t find any parties online, try to find other couples into swinging, and you “click” when you meet, you can ask them to let you know about any upcoming parties in the area.

Online dating allows you to search for people based on their interests and preferences in a relationship. Many couples seek out one person - rather than a couple - to engage in threesomes or similar situations. Online dating sites can help you quickly find people with the same sexual interests as you.

How Many Couples are Swingers and Where do They Live?

Traditionally swinging is for couples - while you might find some single people at swinging parties, the majority will be there with their partners. Swingers are regular people from every walk of life, and couples get involved at different ages - some swinging parties only attract younger couples, while others are popular with older guests.

Swingers can be:

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Trans

And might attend parties to;

  • Participate
  • Watch others
  • Watch their partner with others

And there are no rules to how much or how little you have to do at swinging parties. Because swingers are “normal” people with “normal” lives, it’s safe to say they live all over and unless you’re in the secretive world of swinging, there is no way to know who is a swinger or where they live.

What is the Percentage of Couples That Swing?

Only a small percentage of couples swing, but in a country, with such a huge population, the USA is home to more than 15 million swingers and couples who enjoy swinging - but you don’t have to always swing at home.

Many couples decide to use their vacation time to travel the world meeting other swinging couples -ensuring their sex life is kept private, and no-one from home finds out. A swingers vacation often happens at large rented properties worldwide, and people from all over are invited to join.

Cruises and annual reunions are also popular with seasoned swingers, who meet the same or different couples every year as they travel. Swinging on vacation is a great way to meet and share other couples without worrying about bumping into a friend or someone from work.

Swinger Statistics Across the World and Where to Meet Them on Vacation

Swinging happens all over the world and is popular everywhere. The 60s were a decade of sexual liberation across the globe, and the idea of swinging or wife swapping became popular again. While it died off after the 60s, the internet has helped liberate sex again, and swinging has been on the rise since the early 90s.

Swinging is particularly popular in Europe, where attitudes towards sex are rationally more relaxed than in the US. There is no way to pinpoint the exact number of swingers globally. It is a practice that is thought to happen everywhere - with some cultures swinging as the “norm”.

If you’re looking for a swinger's vacation, the Caribbean and Mexico are both home to several exclusive, adult-only, swingers resorts. These resorts are often what you would expect of any good vacation resort - pools, bars, spas, and all-inclusive packages - but everyone who attends are swingers.

Swinging at Home: a Beginners Guide

Every couple and every party has their own swinging rules. If you and your partner have decided it's something you want to try, it’s important to discuss your rules with each other before you start. You need to think about things such as:

  • A code word (if you’re not comfortable and want things to stop)
  • Things you’re both comfortable with (kissing/full sex/only watching)
  • What will happen if one of you doesn’t enjoy it (will you both stop or will one continue)
  • Discuss same-sex and straight relationships (just because you’re comfortable watching your wife with a woman doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same about a man)
  • Discuss protection and how you will protect yourselves and each other when swapping sexual partners.

Swinging with Strangers: How to Get Started Swinging

Swinging parties are a great place to meet new people and start swinging - but if you’re not ready to jump straight in the deep end, online dating can be a great place to get started. Talk with a few different couples until you find one you like, and then arrange to meet up in person.

You don’t have to “swing” on a first date - you can just meet and make sure you’re comfortable together before deciding whether or not to take things further, much like you would on a regular date.

Once you’re confident and have fooled around with a few different couples, you can take the leap, join your first swingers party and make the most of your sex life.

Signing up at takes just minutes, and you could be speaking with swinging couples in your neighborhood.