Dirty Date Ideas That Could Enhance Your Relationship

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naughty date ideas

Relationships are meant to be exciting and fun; anything too negative is a toxic relationship. There are dirty date tips that could take your connection to the next level. We will go through naughty ideas that would be exciting to your girlfriend/boyfriend and keep all kinds of relationship fun and healthy.

Sexy Ideas for Couples

Couples must try a new sexual activity to boost their relationships from time to time. Most relationship fades off because it was boring and lacked boosters. Try out these sexy ideas today to save your relationship

  • Try roleplaying in bars and club
  • Watch erotic movies while wearing sexy night wears
  • Massage each other sensually
  • Play adult and dirty games
  • Try public sex
  • Go to a strip club
  • Workout together and make it hot and sexy
  • Make out in hotels during lunch breaks
  • Make dessert while naked
  • Find a third partner if it pleases you and your partner

Naughty Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Love and beautiful fades with time, but you can always try spicing your boyfriend's relationship using these naughty ideas. Note that you have to be confident and trust these tips for them to work.

  • Strip naked slowly and seductively: during that moment, try stripping naked seductively, and make sure he doesn't help you. Let him watch as you slowly strip.
  • Footsie: footsie is a seduction act that drives many crazy. Sit opposite him at home or in a public place, slowly romance his legs with your feet while keeping eye contact.
  • Take showers together: many couples are yet to try this despite seeing how intense it is in a movie.
  • Whisper game: all you have to do is whisper dirty and sexy things and gently play with his ear using your mouth.
  • Sit on his lap: No matter how long you have been dating, sitting on your boyfriend's lap, never gets olds.
  • Play games: playing games with your boyfriend can be fun and sexy. You can place a bet where the loser strips naked.
  • Roleplay: dress up as characters that your boyfriend admires during sex.

You can also try quickie, some sex toys, blindfolding, massage, etc. read his body language to find out what he loves.

Sexy Things to Do with Girlfriends to Drive Her Crazy

To satisfy your girlfriend sexually, you'll need to spend time probing, kissing, and exploring every inch of her body. Try these sexy tips to make your girlfriend addicted to your sex.

  • Biting: not like meat but a soft love bite around her neck, arm, and thigh areas.
  • Spanking/slapping: most women prefer being spanked during sex, and many would scream harder. Don't go extreme else you'd hurt her.
  • Hair pull: hair pulling during sex has always fantasized women. They love to be led by a more potent force. Pull the scalp (not too hard) during the doggy style, spank her ass with the other hand, and sweet talk her.
  • Roleplay: Role-playing excites both genders; dress up as a character you girlfriend admires to boost the sex.
  • Sex in public: ask for her consent; if she agrees, you can try making love in the rooftop, forest, alleys, park, etc. also, make such it's safe and not crowded
  • Play with her vagina: use your tongue and mouth to play with sensitive areas such as clit. Eat her pussy and make her moan and beg you not to stop.

Sensual Date Ideas to Make Your Relationship Fun and Exciting

There are various sensual ideas to make your date with your partner an unforgettable one. These ideas are romantic and ideal for spicing up things:

  • Go on a romantic vacation: visit the most romantic place, explore the sexiest things to do in a town nearby after exploration, and spend the weekend in a luminous hotel.
  • Spa: make this a routine and visit the spa for a sensational massage.
  • Talk through the night: talk about your deepest secrets or sexual fantasy while cuddling your partner through late hours on the weekend.
  • Go for a drive: drive without destinations, find a private spot, and make out to spice things up.
  • Sexy board game: there are many available couple games bound to make your game night fun and exciting.
  • Love letters: it might be challenging, but it so worth it.
  • Recreate your first encounter and date or a special event that made you guys.
  • Go camping: camp in a beautiful and romantic place during holidays or weekends.

Kinky Ideas for Date Nights

When you and your partner have been together for long-term, things start getting bored, and it's like you're spitting apart. These kinky ideas can make you reconnect with your partner:

  • Who's in charge: change who is to led and plan dates and sexy nights. Alternate who controls during sex.
  • Blind sex: remove one or two senses during sex. Try blindfolding or handcuffing your partner.
  • Masturbate together and talk dirty to each other
  • Try sex toys
  • Watch porn in sexy lingerie.

Hot Freaky Things to Do in Bed

Once in bed with your partner and you feel it's getting bored, spice up your night by following these freaky ideas:

  • Have sex with your clothes on; don't take off your nightwear. Move her pant to one corner and have your way.
  • Erotic stories: play and listen to erotic severe during the night
  • Mask: put on a sexy mask while you have sex.
  • Slippery sex: use lots of lubes during sex
  • Mimic your partner
  • Cook and dance naked
  • Try rose and candle night, and enjoy slow sex.
  • You would also enjoy morning sex.
  • Go out clubbing


Love and commitment alone can't make a relationship stay fun and exciting. There are kinky, freaky, and sensual ideas that would guarantee a feeling you have never experience in your lifetime. Take your time to explore which or what fits you and your partner. Always remember that communication and consent are crucial to have a healthy relationship. Explore each other pleasure spots and try out sexual fantasies together. There is so much to do; keep searching.