What is FWB in Dating? Are You Actually "Friends?"

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friends with benefits relationship

Friends with benefits can be challenging; having sex with a friend is easy, but how many people wouldn't find it awkward or start demanding more attention?. A friend is someone you trust. It is a relationship that sprouts from sharing weakness and strength, knowing who's and what's in each other's life. The "friends" in FWB can be hard to maintain if there is no formal agreement. Both parties have to understand the rules and regulations physically, mentally, and emotionally for FWB dating to work. And if you jump on dating apps looking for FWB, it's going to be hard because building friendship takes time. Sex complicates the matter, and for friends, with benefits to work, you first have to be actual friends and define what to expect from the relationship.

What Do Friends with Benefits Do?

Friends with benefits do come with challenges, especially when you barely know each other. FWB means a friend you can have sex with from time to time without any commitment or dating plans; that is, you don't have to celebrate Valentine's day together or do stuff that comes with being a boyfriend/girlfriend. Most FWB partners set days of the week to meet and have sex, while others call in whenever they feel like having sex. Define the relationship to avoid complications and heartbreaks, and answer the following questions.

  • What if they have feelings for you? People can disguise under the umbrella of FWB when they have strong feelings for you.
  • What if you develop feelings for the person? Love can strike you when you less expected. Developing feelings for someone you have sex with is common, but you have choices of pushing forward or backing down.

Friends with benefits are a sexual relationship with friends who care about your well-being and don't only think of having sex with you.

What Do Friends with Benefits Mean to a Woman?

Most girls are willing to jump into an FWB relationship when they not ready for commitment or after a toxic relationship. Friends with benefits have different meanings to various girls. Some of the common reasons girls would start friends with benefits includes

  • She doesn't want any romantic entanglement or attachment
  • She loves sex but values her independence
  • She chooses her career over her romantic life
  • She is not in the right mind for emotional attachment
  • She is aromantic
  • She finds you attractive, but you are not compatible

Humans have feelings, and many would do anything to get closer to the person they love. She might have feelings for you and decide to bank on friends with benefits to get to you. To them, it might mean the freedom to do whatever they want and enjoying sex.

What Do Friends with Benefits Mean to a Man?

guy would enjoy friends with benefits relationship for the same reason a girl would. For a male, it could mean having sex with a friend and not bother about remembering her birthday or the freedom to live without commitment. They want to enjoy the rest of their "playboy" age. People have developed a fear for relationships; they have been heartbroken many times and want to stay away from it, but they need sex with no attachment.

What percent of People Have Had a One Night Stand?

ne night stand is a bit hard for most people, but for party riders, it's familiar to them. Some people regret having a one night stand because they were drunk or heartbroken. Some find a bit strange to have sex with a girl or guy they don't know, and to others, it's a sex transaction, nothing more, nothing less. According to data scientists at DrEd.com, when they surveyed asking 1000 Americans and Europeans, what's their take on a one-night stand, and if they have ever tried it. The result showed that more people have an unplanned one-night stand than you think. The survey reveals that 66% of participants have tried one night stand at least once in their lifetime. An average young American had had a one night stand at least 3-7 times, while a European stacked up lower at 2-6 times. About 86% of the 66% of the people who had a one-night stand did not plan to have sex. Majority of European guys and girls met a one-nighter in a club, while most Americans met in a bar. Other places of hooking with a one-nighter include;

  • Dating sites and app
  • College
  • Workplace
  • Gym and recreation center
  • Hotel

How to Avoid Catching Feelings for Your Friends with Benefits Partner?

Feelings and emotions are easy to develop once sex is involved, and to avoid messy friends with benefits relationship, follow these advice coined from Bolde.com

  • Choose your partner carefully; don't pick someone you have feelings for or compatible with a healthy relationship.
  • Pursue your goals
  • Keep it short
  • Skip pet names
  • Go straight to the point
  • Do get close to each other's friends and families
  • Don't let them be the only person in your life
  • Don't make them feel special
  • Sign a binding agreement

Rules for Healthy Friends with Benefits Relationship

According to HealthyWay, every FWB relationship should consider these rules;

  • There should be consent between both partners
  • Use protection at all times during sex
  • Communicate with each other
  • Have fun exploring various sexual styles.
  • Don't get jealous when they hang out or hookup with another person
  • Don't push for more than friends with benefits
  • Move on when its time
  • Be honest about your sexual desire


Friends with benefits relationships can be healthy or messy; it all depends on the people involved. Both must reach an agreement and have given each other the consent to start the relationship. An FWB relationship can get messy when a partner has feelings for the other partner. You have to be "friends" before you start hooking up. Else it's a sex transaction relationship. Set boundaries on what you share, and don't get too close, and most importantly, know when to move on.