What is the Point of Casual Dating?

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how to maintain a casual relationship

Casual dating is for people who are not ready for commitment and still enjoy a romantic relationship without normal dating rules. People go into casual dating to create new connections and ease their loneliness. Casual dating involves a bit of attachment, unlike "friends with benefits" or "hookup." They can go on dates, call each other almost regularly and enjoy a nonsexual moment with each other. Casual dating can quickly turn into serious dating as the line between them is blurring, and many people can't define it. Many believe casual dating is another name for casual sex.

Do Casual Relationships Ever Work?

A casual relationship can work if both parties are open-minded about their expectations and speak up when they notice a change. It's challenging to draw the line in casual dating; you have to agree with your partner. Once you start feeling pressure from your partner, then it's time to move up or step aside. According to Elite daily, ask yourself these questions to find out if your relationship can be casual

  • Are you confident in what you are doing?
  • Does your partner meet your expectations?
  • Are you and your partner on a similar page?

Do start a casual relationship if you have deep feelings for the person; you'd get hurt, jealous, and it will end badly for you. If you value commitment or loyalty from your girl or guy, then casual dating is not for you. Casual dating can work if both partners are on the same page and isn't a one-sided love situation.

What Does a Casual Relationship Mean to a Man?

Guys don't overthink or overanalyze thingss. They are not as complicated as ladies, but do all guys think the same? Hell no! Humans are complicated and different in every way. Most people are scared of commitment and would run once they sense it. Most guys enjoy casual dating because, to them, it's like having a girlfriend, but this time, there is no commitment and all the troubles that come from having an actual girlfriend. They enjoy chilling and exploring but don't want to get shouted when they forget a birthday, anniversary, and Valentine's Day. From Hernorm.com, a casual relationship could mean any of the following to a guy.

  • He's looking for friends with benefit
  • He's frightened of commitment
  • He is sexually attracted to you
  • He's dating someone else

Is Casual Relationship Exclusive?

Casual dating is a relationship with no commitment that means cheating shouldn't be a problem; therefore, we can say it is not exclusive. Exclusive dating means you are both loyal to each other. Although casual dating is pre-exclusive, it can be moved up to premier dating. At this stage, you both agree to learn each other's hate, dislike, hobbies, plans, hope, flaws, and dreams. If both of you find it easy and fun as you get to know each other, then it would likely end up well. Don't expect exclusivity from your casual dating partner if you have not discussed it with them. In the end, it depends on if both parties want an agreement.

What Is the Difference Between Casual Relationships and Friends with Benefits?

Friends with benefits are a relationship with a friend to satisfy each other sexual desires and expectations. At the same time, casual dating can be with anybody and with little or no sexual expectations. Both involve low commitment and emotion, but in friends with benefits, it's more likely that after you both decide to move on, you'd still be friends than in casual dating. Casual dating is much closer to serious dating than friends with benefits as there are more strings attached. Casual dating is more severe than FWB and can be exclusive or non-exclusive, depending on both parties' agreement. In casual dating, you can go on dates, cinemas, and vacations, listen to each other little problems, and celebrate each other birthdays or achievements, but in an FWB, that is going a little bit far.

What are the Rules of Casual Dating?

Casual dating comes with fewer expectations and allows one to focus on their life goals and dreams. Go into casual dating, have fun, and explore. Rules and regulations can always be edited but listed below are basic rules of casual dating coined from EveryDay Health

  • Be honest
  • Don't tell if you kiss
  • Decide how sex plays out
  • Go out and have fun
  • Respect each other
  • Tell yourself the truth
  • Expect less
  • Focus on your dreams and goals
  • Don't make them a priority
  • Don't include them in your plans

What's the Difference Between a Serious and Casual Relationship?

A serious relationship is a full commitment, and all attachments and emotions must be present.

Casual dating is a relationship where two partners can have multiple sex partners, and it wouldn't be tag "cheating." Daters in a casual relationship can see twice in a month, and they wouldn't get angry. Unlike serious dating that seeing each other almost every day is essential. There is no "I love you," "who is that," "are you cheating on me," "you forgot our anniversary," or boyfriend/girlfriend labels in casual dating. Casual dating is a cozy relationship with little or no expectations, and you don't make plans with each other. Serious daters have to know each other inside out, friends, and families, while casual doesn't require all that.


Casual dating is good for people who want a deeper connection but are not ready for commitment. It can be exclusive or not; it all depends on the agreement between two partners. Casual dating is more serious and requires more commitments and attachments than friends with benefits. The rules of casual dating can be edited by dater to fit their goals and expectations. Casual dating can get messy if both parties are not on the same page; it shouldn't be a one-sided situation. Serious dating is more likely to lead to marriage than casual dating. You can have casual dating with anyone you want, and they are on the same page as you.