What's in Between Friends with Benefits and a Relationship?

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can a one night stand turn into a relationship

Dating, relationship requires showing commitment and love for your partner; it's bigger than sex and flirts as each other’s people are aware of what is going on, unlike friends with benefits. If you do two or more of the followings with your friends with benefits partner, then count it as a relationship;

  • Hold in hands in public
  • Go on lunch dates
  • Know each other person
  • Chat and call every time
  • Show off each other on social media
  • Talk about "What you are"

Ignore some conditions above if you were friends before the hook-ups.

Can a Relationship Comes Out from a One-Night Stand?

One night stand can reduce the talking stage and awkward moments between two people. It can move a relationship to the next level faster than going for romantic dates and vacations. According to relationship expert Dan Savage speaking at Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Star Talk show, most relationships started from a one night stand. One night stands that sprout into long-lasting relationships occurs more than we think. On the same show, an American biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, confirmed that about 60% of Americans agreed that their relationship started from a one night stand. Out of that 60%, over 30% became a long-lasting relationship. Sex can activate the brain system that makes one feel more attached to their partners. A few people regret having a one night stand because they feel like they have destroyed the chances of having a decent relationship with the person, but that is not always the case. Biologically, your body will want more sex from that person and whenever you meet behind a closed door.

Do You Text Someone After a Hookup: the Best Fit Text?

It feels awkward what your next move should be; after all, you've seen their sex game, but no, it becomes harder you don't know if you should make the first move or let them come after you. Waiting to see your partner text, you first to gauge their interest is a good option, but it might turn into a waiting game. Which is an awful feeling? You can text first, and the text should be short, flirty, and straight to the point. Here are some text messages suitable for "after a hookup" coined from Richeal Shatto's suggestions.

  • Last night was sweltering and fun. I'd love for that to occur more.
  • Round 2?
  • I had fun. Can't wait to hang out again…
  • Hey, last night was great. Let's do it again.
  • I can't stop thinking about you. Just thought you should know

Do Hookups Ever Turn into a Relationship?

Hooking up is a norm in our world today, especially among young adults. People hookup with no attachment or commitment, and sometimes it sprouts from a "Truth or Dare" game. Can hookup turn into a relationship? Yes, and it depends on the persons involved. Do they want more than a hookup? By nature, if you frequently hook up with a particular person over a long period, you might fall in love. A hookup that spans over six months can quickly turn into a marriage or a long-term relationship. Hookup can slowly build the foundation for a fun and healthy relationship. In the end, it all boils down to feelings, and if it's mutual, you can make the connection to the next level.

How Do You Tell If Your Hookup Partner Has Feelings for You?

Always having sex with a particular single can sprout up feelings and emotions. Here are some signs your hookup partner has feelings for you;

  • They call you every time; they call your number almost every day and ask about your health and day. They even ask if you have eaten.
  • They want to learn more about you: they wouldn't miss a chance to know little details about your past, present, and future.
  • Spends time with you: once your hookup partner starts spending more time with you than usual. Then you’re their priority.
  • Introduce you to their friends and family; they want you to hang out with their friends or have dinner with their family.
  • Show their weakness; they start opening up to you and tell you about how life is maltreating them. They prefer to feel comfortable with you.
  • Ask you out; they tell you about their love for you and how ready they are to take the relationship to the next level.

Suppose your male or female hookup partner starts showing anything else apart from how they grind and move in bed. It's more likely they want more of you.

Can Friends with Benefits Fall in Love?

When you started hooking up with a person and then decided you want to be friends with benefits. I'm sure you didn't consider heart because if you did, you might not fall in love. But as humans, anything can happen, and as I mentioned before, constant sex can lead to the germination of feelings and emotions. Friends with benefits can fall in love, and you could be the first to notice it. If you want to switch up the relationship to the next level, take these three tips coined from Love Strategies.

  • Show them your personality: find the best way to reveal your other characters apart from sex to them. Show off the beautiful soul in you.
  • Be willing to lose them: change how you hang out with them. Reduce it and stop replying to every "You up?" Suggest lunch, and hang out in cinemas.
  • Become actual friends: most friends with benefits are using each other, or one person uses the other. Try to become friends like every other person, not only a "sex buddy."


Spending time and having sex with people can make you guys bolder to each other. It can also be challenging to change the status of the relationship. Once you notice you caught feelings for your sex partner and tried all these techniques above, they’re unwilling to expand the relationship. Please move on to avoid unhealthily and one-sided love and heartbreaks.