Prepare First-Time Lesbian Experience: What You Need to Know

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first time lesbian relationship tips

Most lesbians were nervous during their first sex, date, or hookup. Some confessed that communication and experience from their partner help them move past fear and doubt. Exploring sex with the same gender is less irritating than you think. A survey from Adam and Eve revealed that 30% of women have tried having sex with another woman, and few of them have not identified as lesbians. If you recently identify as a lesbian, there are some questions on your mind, and we will answer them below.

How Does a Woman Make Love to Another Woman?

Having sex for the first time with any gender can be confusing and strange but soon becomes exciting and fun. The same thing applies when you make love to a fellow woman. Do you probably think if sex is complete without a penis penetration? Yes, first you need to understand that you reach climax without penis penetration. Some people kissing and cuddle are sex, while others look for an orgasm before considering it as sex. There is no need for any partner to play a man's role or use a strap-on for penetration. Sex exploration can know what and how you enjoy sex. You can take your time with your partner and explore each other's' bodies and find what you want.

Foreplay, stimulation, climaxing, and pleasure are all part of lesbian sex, and the use of sex toys such as strap-on, vibrator, dildo, BSDM kit, plugs can enhance lovemaking. You can try exciting lesbian sex positions such as sixty-nine period, twisted scissor, facesitting, the strap-on with a twist, the good 'ol blowjob, face-to-face, etc.

What Could Happen the First Time You Experience Lesbian Sex?

Enjoying sex isn't about learning twenty sex positions you see on porn. Body exploration is so far the best way to discover your spots and what you want. The first trial may be messy, and you don't need to panic about it because as time goes by, you'll gain confidence. According to AutoStraddle's NSFW Sunday Special, many things might happen during your first lesbian sex encounter. It might be embarrassing, but it's beautiful; they include

  • Farting or queefing
  • Getting injured
  • Laughing or crying
  • Ejaculating
  • Losing interest
  • No orgasm, getting wet, or feelings
  • Taking time to climax and so many more.

Lesbian Sex Tips for Ultimate Satisfaction

Lesbian sex, like any other sex, is enjoyable and exciting if both partners are on the same page. These tips listed below are crucial for an unforgettable sex night.

  • Communicate: Talk to your partner to find out what works with her, let her help you find her G-spot, and vice versa.
  • Foreplay: kissing and slowly massaging areas such as the neck, breast, and ears are an excellent way to get ready for any vagina contact sex.
  • Oral sex: play with her vagina using your mouth and tongue.
  • Penetration: ask your partner if she would love to be penetrated before proceeding. Make use of your fingers, sex toys, and vibrators to enhance the experience. Start with your index finger and always pay attention to where your other fingers are.

How to Prepare for Lesbian Sex

Preparing for lesbian sex is a little bit different from preparing for man-to-woman sex. Now you receive what you formally gave; for a first-timer or experienced, you can try all of these tips to get better at lesbian sex.

  • Masturbate before doing: this is the first step to understanding how the vaginal works; masturbating would make you know where and how to stimulate to climax.
  • Self-reflection: put a mirror in between your legs to see and take note of the spots that excites you. Take note of the location of the clitoris, labia majora, perineum, and vagina. It would help you not to move aimlessly with your partner's sexual organ.
  • Grooming: it is essential that you take care of your vagina area, wax or shave the hair and make sure it doesn't smell fishy. Your fingernails should be short and clean.

Tips on Confronting a Lesbian for the First Time

The first time you notice you are sexually attracted to a fellow woman could be strange and exciting. And you start fantasizing about sex with a woman, but you are be scared of coming out as a lesbian. Below are tips on approaching or find a lesbian:

  • Approaching them: be friendly and watch her body language to know if she's interested. Flirt and compliment her, and proceed to ask for her number.
  • Initiating sex: after successful flirting, the next is to move up the steak. Suggest going out to a club and spending the night together.
  • First-timer nervousness: as this is the first time, you are bound to be nervous. For a better experience, follows the tips listed above.

Does Lesbians Love Sex More?

It has been reported by the Kinsey survey in America that lesbians have better sex than their straight counterparts, but that doesn't mean they love sex more. Loving sex is a personal trait and can be found in lesbian, gay, straight, or transgender. Kindly ignore the myth claiming lesbian love sex more.

Are you securing a lesbian one nightstand?

You can secure a one night stand using or in lesbian bars and club, but follow these tips to keep having healthy one-night stands

  • Quickly leave the next morning
  • Don't cry at any point
  • Keep the sex simple
  • Don't invite them for breakfast
  • Tell your friends who are in a relationship
  • Don't feel bad about yourself

Can Lesbians Have Casual Sex?

It's complicated for women, as most of them start feeling guilty or awkward after or during sex. According to a lesbian therapist, Sarah Brook, lesbians have internalized homophobia and shyness in expressing their sexual needs. Casual sex is somewhat taboo in the lesbian community.


Lesbian relationships can be of any kind. Having sex for the first might be strange and messy, but it can only get better. If you follow the dating tips above, you are likely to have a healthy lesbian relationship.