The Best Lesbian Dating Advice for Girlfriend Couples

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how to find a lesbian partner

The best lesbian relationship advice comes from experiences. One piece of advice might work with one partner but not with the other. If you want a long-term relationship with your lesbian partner, you must put in dedication and commitment. It is also essential that you don't forget who you are and always pursue your personal goals and couples' goals. Later on, we would list some necessary advice for a healthy lesbian relationship.

How to Find a Lesbian Girlfriend?

You can meet a single lesbian through dating apps, clubs, bars, or gym. Finding a compatible lesbian partner might be challenging but also possible. Join the LGBT community in your city and attend any LGBTQ events near you. Sign up on, set up an impressive profile with cute photos, and imagine and connect with a hot single lesbian near you. In our dating sites, you can join special chat rooms to meet like-minded girls from your state. Whatever your relationship goals are, you can always find a perfect match to enjoy all your romantic fantasies and desires with. Once you find a lesbian single, it is vital that know how to approach her. Build your confidence and make eye contact when you talk with her. Flirt and hang out a couple of times before you ask her out.

Top Questions on Your Mind When Starting Your First Lesbian Relationship

Most women were straight until they weren't, and they commonly find themselves doubting their personality. They never knew they would pursue more than a friendship with another woman. According to Hello Giggles, there are the top questions you're afraid to ask.

  • How to know if a woman finds you sexually attractive? If a lady approaches you as a lesbian and starts flirting with you, she is into you and wants more than a friendship. She might not approach you as a lesbian but still flirt with you. Your fairest option is to ask her.
  • Who pays? Sincerely anyone can pay. You can discuss this with your partner or try splitting bills.
  • Does anyone need to be masculine? No, but if you and your partner are masculine, it still does matter.
  • I don't know how to have sex with a fellow woman? They are online tutorials to learn from, or you can talk with your partner, and in no time, you will learn.
  • Any need for sex protection? It's crucial to feel safe during sex. You can ask your partner if they have any STDs, or both of you can go for a test.
  • Do will need to move in together? It all depends on your connection and communication. If you are ready for a lover as a roommate, then go ahead.
  • Do we have to hold hands in public? You can; if you want, it will take time to adjust just be you.
  • How do I let my family on? You know your family more than any adviser out there. Spend your time to comprehend what you want.

Healthy Lesbian Relationship Advice

If you want an excellent lesbian relationship, you have to work for it and committed to making things fall in place. Kathy Belge of listed tips that would make your lesbian relationship healthy. Here are the favorable bits of advice

  • Don't put up high expectations: humans are hard to please, and expecting your partner to satisfy your every need is terrible for the relationship. Expect less from them, and do your best to be supportive.
  • Create a meaningful routine: create a pattern with your partner. It might be making food together every Sunday or something to keep you connected as one.
  • Improve yourself: growth and change are constant. Change and work on being a better partner.
  • Surprise your lesbian partner: Thrill her with surprises. Buy her gift when she less expected, and plan romantic dates and vacations without her knowledge.
  • Show more positivity: have more positive interactions. Show her more affection than blames. Try to make her feel loved most of the time.
  • Focus on yourself: you can't be the right partner if you are not acceptable to yourself. Watch your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Solving Common Lesbian Relationship Problems

Problems in any relationship are inevitable. Below are some common lesbian relationship problems shared by Ruth Schwartz on Conscious Girlfriend :

  • Quick attachment: lesbians tend to fall in love faster and are quick to start committing due to "brain chemical." The solution to this is to take things slow don't move in till six months.
  • Compatibility: she might be hot and sexy but is she a perfect match. Date someone with similar vision and goals.
  • Putting you last: women tend to put peoples' needs before theirs. You should note that both of you are different from being with additional requirements.
  • Assumptions and worries: women believe every action by their partner is a reply to the relationship. They assume and jump to the conclusion way faster. Ask direct questions instead of reading the meaning of your partner's action.

The Lesbian Divorce Rate

The divorce rate of lesbian is much higher than that of gay couples. According to Wikipedia, about 100 women get divorced per year, making it 14%. A study of same-sex married couples revealed that lesbian marriage end in divorce almost as twice as gay marriage.

How To Make a Lesbian Relationship Last

Like every other relationship, lesbian dating would last if you and your partner are on the same page. You are both committed and loyal to each other and also follow the tips and solutions listed above. Communication and compatibility are crucial for any relationship to last. Be open-minded to your partner, and have fun.


Finding a perfect lesbian partner can be done by searching and chatting with members on For your lesbian relationship to last, you must be dedicated and committed. The tips listed above can help you build a healthy lesbian relationship. Always remember that dating someone compatible is still better than dating someone hot and sexy.